Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Euphony #46

Euphony is back on an as and when I feel like it basis.

New for 2012, Euphony now comes in delicious FLAC lossless for those who care about audio quality and have sufficient bandwidth and hard disk space.

The FLAC version is the full mixed podcast but with separate tracks so it can be written to a regular CD-R for a more professional touch.

A standard MP3 version is also available for those with slow broadband, limited hard disk space or for iPod users.

Euphony: agreeable sound. No chat, just music.

Soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, electronica, rock, psychedelic, soundtrack,
sound library, soft rock, world, experimental grooves a go go!

'Euphony' is a monthly podcast in mix format with no chat, vocal cut-ins etc.

It's guaranteed to be eclectic, diverse and hopefully always interesting.

Euphony is intended to be a showcase for the music I enjoy and is made with the utmost respect for the artists involved and to spread the word about their music.

Tracklistings will be posted here in my blog for each episode, should anyone like to know more about the music featured.

Euphony is available here:



Euphony #46 / Jan 2012 / Mix Length: 78:52min / Quality: VBR Alt Preset Standard / Filesize: 104MB


(01) Start
(02) The Beach Boys - Our Prayer (1966)
(03) Michael White - Blessing Song (1972)
(04) Willie Hutch - I Wanna Be Where You Are (1973)
(05) Peter Elizade - Winter Reflexions (1982)
(06) Labi Siffre - I Don't Know What's Happened To The Kids Today (1970)
(07) Karin Krog - Meaning of Love (1974)
(08) Kenny Graham and his Satellites - Sunstroke (1957)
(09) Real Estate - Green Aisles (2011)
(10) Caroline Peyton - Call Of The Wild (1977)
(11) Tee & Cara - Keeping Track (1968)
(12) Lazy Smoke - Come With The Day (1968)
(13) The Association - So Kind To Me (Brenda's Theme) (1969)
(14) Parade - Montage Mirror (196?)
(15) Lorri Zimmerman - Contemplation (1969)
(16) Terry Durham - White Room Dreaming (1969)
(17) Michael Garrick Trio - Sketches Of Israel (1964)
(18) Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica (2011)
(19) The Beach Boys - Surfs Up Piano Demo (1966)
(20) D.R. Hooker - Kamala (1974)
(21) End

Any comments are greatly appreciated :)

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