Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Euphony #49

Euphony: agreeable sound. No chat, just music.

Soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, electronica, rock, psychedelic, soundtrack,
sound library, soft rock, world, experimental grooves a go go!

'Euphony' is a monthly podcast in mix format with no chat, vocal cut-ins etc.

It's guaranteed to be eclectic, diverse and hopefully always interesting.

Euphony is intended to be a showcase for the music I enjoy and is made with the utmost respect for the artists involved and to spread the word about their music.

Tracklistings will be posted here in my blog for each episode, should anyone like to know more about the music featured.

This months episode is culled from the incredible South Korean reissue label Riverman Music who specialise in loner folk and interesting private press records. They're an absolutely superb label who insist on high quality remastering and packaging via beautiful Mini-LP replica sleeves. If you like this kind of stuff then please buy their releases! They are slightly harder to find as they are imports but you can buy them at Amazon UK.

Euphony is available here:



Euphony #49 (Riverman Korean Edition) / Sept 2012 / Mix Length: 78:44min / Quality: FLAC Lossless / Filesize: 443MB


(01) Start
(02) Jeff Eubank - Feels Like Me (1983)
(03) Robert Lester Folsom - Spanish Lady / Brown Eyed Lady With Blonde Hair (1976)
(04) Presence - All For You (1976)
(05) The RFD  - He Is Coming (1971)
(06) Jeff Moore and Friends - Flying So High (1974)
(07) Ted Lucas - Plain And Sane And Simple Melody (1975)
(08) Hunt And Turner - Silver Lady (1972)
(09) Bob Patterson - Travelin' Through The Countryside (1971)
(10) David Lewis - You Don't Know (1970)
(11) Clearing - My Father (1973)
(12) Steve Tilston - I Really Wanted You (1971)
(13) Shep Cooke - Chameleon, The Phantom Girl (1976)
(14) Mark Henley - Full Moon Of April (1976)
(15) The Floating House Band - Mayday Waltz (1969)
(16) Bob Brown - Icarus (1970)
(17) Clearing - Clearing (1973)
(18) Stan Moeller - Margarita (1980)
(19) Robert Lester Folsom - Untitled (1976)
(20) News - New York City (1974)
(21) End

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  1. This must be Paradise... Here. I'll spend all my time listening your mix . I think.

    PS : vous ĂȘtes français ? (blogspot.fr)

  2. Thank you. No I'm English I'm afraid.