Monday, 25 April 2011

Euphony #12

: agreeable sound. No chat, just music.

Soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, electronica, rock, psychedelic, soundtrack, sound library, soft rock, world, experimental grooves a go go!

'Euphony' is a monthly podcast in mix format with no
chat, vocal cut-ins etc.

It's guaranteed to be eclectic, diverse and hopefully always interesting.

Euphony is intended to be a showcase for the music I enjoy and is made with the utmost respect for the artists involved and to spread the word about their music.

Tracklistings will be posted here in my blog for each episode, should anyone like to know more about the music featured.

Euphony is available here:


This month's podcast is a mix culled from the superb and ultra rare Yellow Pills series (Vol 1-4) plus the Yellow Pills: Prefill 2 CD compilation, a collection of highly sought after power pop tracks through the 70's, 80's and 90's. I've cherry picked my favourite tracks and mixed them together here for your enjoyment :)

Euphony #12 (Yellow Pills Mix) / Mar 2007 / Mix Length: 72:19min / Quality: 192kbps / Filesize: 121MB


(01) Start
(02) Luxury - Green Hearts
(03) Shoes - Like I Told You
(04) Flashcubes - It's You Tonight
(05) Adam Schmitt - Speed Kills
(06) The Rubinoos - Girl
(07) Trend - She's Hi-Fi
(08) Speedies - 1-2-3
(09) Finns - Hello Mr. Jenkins
(10) Treble Boys - One Kiss
(11) Rock Club - Time Will Tell on You
(12) The Rubinoos - Stop Before We Start
(13) John Velora - Coming Home
(14) The Cowsills - Is It Any Wonder?
(15) Devin Hill - Stars
(16) John McMullan - Taking Me Somewhere
(17) Paul Collins' Beat - I've Always Got You on My Mind
(18) Parthenon Huxley - Bazooka Joe
(19) The Sighs - Situations
(20) Elliot Kendall - No Romance Today
(21) Toms - Sun
(22) Randy Winburn - Sunshine U.S.A.
(23) Andrew Gold - Love Tonight
(24) End

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